Swiss Inox Proline

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A set of exclusive steel cookware 18/10 stainless chromium-nickel steel from nine surgical wartwowym bottom of increased thickness. Steel, which are made of our dishes have a low level of adhesion, allowing it easier to keep them clean home. This gives better hygiene. Steel from which the vessels are made in comparison to aluminum does not oxidize and steel particles do not penetrate the food. Dishes from this steel can be used for Total types of stoves as well as induction. It gives the satisfaction of using the dish.


Energy distribution in the vessels is uniform and optimal. With 2mm thick on the walls quickly heat up and the bottom gives off heat from the Dolen part of the vessel and to the sides, which helps maintain even temperature throughout the vessel. The lids have a hat shape, trap heat and help keep the circulation of steam throughout the vessel, which shortens the cooking process and allows you to save time and energy. After the power is turned off the burner dish for 30 minutes keep the temperature. Cooking liners also saves energy. Ebonite handles are durable. Termokontroler allows you to control the temperature that prevails during cooking without lifting the lid.