Swiss Inox Proline



Quality in preserving the food we eat, quality in cooking without fats or salt and witch added spices, quality in eating freshly prepared food using its own water and juices.


SWISS INOX Interational has made a commitment to promote healthy nutrition worldwide in order to improve lifestyles.


Thanks to its material and to the technology used, Masterpiece Cookware brings you a revolutionary way of cooking every type of food, whilst maintaining its natural nutrients.


In accordance witch SWISS INOX's mission of health, Masterpiece Cookware provides you the easiest way to a healthier and more balanced diet (with more vitamins and natural nutrients), and helps you to again vitality and enjoy a better life.


The ideal cooking technique should be able to capture - and to improve - food flavour and retain natural nutrients without adding excessive amounts of spices (fats, salt or sauces).


With SWISS INOX Masterpiece Cookware this is no longer necessary, saving you money and extra work.


Plus, meat or any other food which has been cooked in its own juices tastes much better than that which is cooked in oil.